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Now Watching: Yellowbrickroad

When I was maybe 11 or or 12, my mom got me the best gift ever. An unlimited movie past from Blockbuster for the summer. You got to take out one movie at a time, as many times a day/week/whatever as you wanted. So I decided to start from the A section of the horror shelf and work my way down. Those were the days of limitless opportunity.

Nowadays I can’t help but be more picky about what I watch, because the constant availability of things like Netflix Instant have made this insatiable horror hunger of mine into a much smaller hunger pang. 

So after some decent reviews I checked out Yellowbrickroad, a film whose premise was very very promising. An entire town one day simply stands up and walks out into the woods, following a mysterious sound. They never return, their bodies are never found. Others have attempted to find their location—and they too have gone missing. 

So, our team of investigators goes on this same journey in an attempt to know the unknowable. This turns out to be a pretty heavy theme throughout, even to the point of being a good excuse for the ultimately lackluster ending. The same need for knowledge that damned the protagonists will surely damn you, as sometimes there is simply no answer to be found.

It’s extremely low budget, but presents itself very very well. It’s a good looking movie. It really managed to rekindle in me the love I had as a kid of watching all horror movies regardless of how bad the poster (didn’t have YouTube back then to look at trailers) looked. There’s gold to be found in this film, if you’re willing to mine for it. 

The ending stumbles and trips on itself, very loudly screaming of “came in over budget and needed a quick fix”. The rest is great fun, though, and if I learned one thing from Yellowbrickroad, it’s this: For the love of god, do not take away a fedora douche’s fedora. Just don’t.

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