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Halloween Hootenanny 2012

Movie 34: Pieces

I’m a big fan of trash. Pieces is pretty wonderful trash. 

A lot of people’s view of slashers are very informed by the big three in the states—Michael, Freddy and Jason. All things considered, those guys are pretty easy to swallow. There are some cool, inventive deaths—but the killers are caricatures. There’s a whole world of slashers with unknown enemies and gritty deaths and sleazy photography.

Pieces is among the best! 

The tagline proclaims: You don’t need to go to Texas for a chainsaw massacre! 

Which tickles me to no end. It’s a chainsaw killer in a college. That’s all you need to know. Also it’s one of the most ridiculously enjoyable slashers out there. Watch this with friends, I implore you. There’s plenty worth shouting at the screen for. 

I don’t want to say too much lest I ruin it for anyone, but they really don’t make them like this any more. And the ending is…. to die for.

(Sorry. I’m sorry I said that. Sorry. It just came out it was very organic.)

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