Hey there, boys n’ ghouls! I posted about this when the kickstarter first started but since it’s near its end, I’d like to throw up a notice again. 

Bob Burden (accurately self-described storyteller, artist and American surrealist) has started a kickstarter campaign to self-print one of his old, long out-of-print books: The Wild Shall Wild Remain. It features the adventures of intrepid and indescribable the Flaming Carrot. If you dig dark, surreal humor and brilliant illustrations, it might be worth your time to at least throw some money down for the digital versions. 

Bob Burden’s characters were the basis for the Mystery Men film that came out in like 1999 if you saw/enjoyed that. Alan Moore likes this guy! Alan Moore doesn’t like fucking anyone! 

The print version he’s self-printing will contain a new mini-story available ONLY in this printing. He is also signing and numbering each individual book purchased from this fundraiser. There are other awesome incentives to check out as well.

I think it’s terribly important to support the creators who gives us so much joy day in and day out, and since Bob Burden is such a remarkably important figure in alternative and surreal comics, and a major influence on a number of other artists I regard so highly, I funded this bitch as soon as I’d heard about it. I just upped my pledge to $50 because GOD yes that’s why. 

Check it out, throw a few bucks his way, get some great comics and an awesome feeling of self-satisfaction. I might throw some panels up here from Flaming Carrot in the next few days to give an idea for the style and b r i l l i a n c e. 

Go forth! Ut!