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    Extremely rare television commercial for the original U.S. release of The Shining in the summer of 1980.

    This commercial is notable in that all of the footage used is from alternate takes not used in the finished film.

    Heather Mason is the new black

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      I started hating myself/my body at five. FIVE YEARS OLD. I was bullied all throughout kindergarten. I was teased in pre-school ballet and tap dance and hockey but I remember actual physical bullying starting at five.

      That’s ridiculous, man. 

        honestly though that scooby doo thing is appalling 

        way to 

        gross. this is the exact kind of thing that starts eating into your brain at a super young age and stays with you forever.

          this is the proudest day of my life I’m rubbing off on my mom

          me and my mom are both big ladies and for a long time growing up my mom preached that she wanted me to be healthy so that I didn’t go through what she went through as a fat girl growing up and unintentionally made me feel pretty bad every now and then for it (mom doesn’t want me to be fat I’m fat! etc) 

          but apparently my body positivity I’ve been casually putting out around the house has rubbed off on her because she just sent me an e-mail:

          what? mom is boycotting scooby doo? what on earth?


          YES MOM YES

          FUCK SCOOBY DOO! 

            Anonymous asked "idk if you've ever heard of it but that guy is the dude behind potter puppet pals and also the band lemon demon"

            oh ok, thanks! I know potter puppet pals. 

            it’s just nice to see someone jontron apparently respects (not a fan, that is, and not a woman, ha) respond to him frankly about his dismissive/abrasive beahvior

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              hey. did i mention i love neil cicierega


Colchester Zoo hyenas (by nicknack68)


                Colchester Zoo hyenas (by nicknack68)

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                  "So you are afraid of something after all.”

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                    I’m just… sayin’.

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